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When The Bomb Goes Off

Jeder bekommt eine letzte wichtige Sache zu tun, bevor die Bombe hochgeht und alles zu Staub und Asche wird! Nutze die letzten 5 Sekunden, um herauszufinden, was es Wichtiges tun gibt, und gebe dein Bestes, damit die Bombe in When The Bomb Goes Off nicht explodiert! Anhand der Pfeiltasten führst du dein wichtiges Strichmännchen. In diesem Onlinespiel warten die wirklich wichtigen Geschichten auf dich. Nun, dann leg mal los!

Everyone gets one last important thing to do before the bomb goes off and everything turns to dust and ashes! Use the last 5 seconds to figure out what's important to do, and give your best to make the bomb did not explode in When The Bomb Goes Off! In this online game the really important stories are waiting for you. Well, then let's go leg!

How to play?

You're presented with a series of 5 second platforming/puzzle challenges, where you control different characters in each one. For each task, you must discern what needs to be done and do it in 5 seconds. Activities range from the thrilling to the mundane. Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to move and the UP arrow key to jump. (You can also use SPACEBAR to jump if you like.)