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Truck Destroyer

Rausche durch den Verkehr bis Du Dein Ziel im Visier hast. Jetzt heißt es dran bleiben und um richtigen Moment schießen. Erfülle verschiedene Aufträge im Online Game Truck Destroyer. Gesteuert wird hier mit den Pfeiltasten und geschossen mit der Leertaste.

If you like action movies with racing cars and explosions you might want to play Truck Destroyer you will have plenty of those. In this free online game you have to chase the bad guys which are trying to escape in stolen trucks and stop them at any cost. Be careful though not to make to many casualties among the civilians. The targets are marked so try to only shoot those trucks and be aware that this trucks are highly explosive so stay away from them and just shoot them from a distance. These being said, good luck in saving the day from the bad guys. Arrows to move