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Touch the sky

In der Geschichte der Menschheit soll schon so manch einer versucht haben in einer selbst gebauten Kiste den Himmel zu erobern. Aber nur wenigen ist es gelungen. In dem Online Game Touch the sky kannst du dein Glück versuchen. Rase die Startrampe herunter und steuere deine Kiste mit den Pfeiltasten so, dass sie möglichst lange in der Luft bleibt.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to fly and touch the sky? Surely everyone dreams of this at some point. Well let it become reality, well at least in game form. Start with a basic cart like glider and earn money the more you fly, use these funds to pimp your flying machine allowing you to get all the way across the junk yard. Take to the sky's in this super simple but fun flying game where the only thing stopping you from taking off is, you. Remember to watch out for the junk yard dogs, they bite!