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the silk road

Spiele mit einem Verbündeten Freund und schlagt euch gemeinsam durch die Welten des Onlinespieles the silk road. Nehmt Aufgaben an und helft den Leuten indem Ihr euch Aufgabe für Aufgabe voranarbeitet und neue Fähigkeiten lernt. Jede Klasse hat andere Fähigkeiten. Spiele mit den Pfeiltasten und den WSAD Tasten.

The evil has been attacking the three old nations——China,Persia and Roman, Which fell into chaos. So it made the Silk Road full of danger and risk, which was the key of cultural and economic communication between Asia and Europe. However, on the Silk Road there were companies of merchants coming and going back, bandits aiming to rob property, and the protectors who encouraged goodness and acted bravely in exterminating evils, and all of them made the Silk Road full of vigour. Once upon a time, the protector who held the Key of Hope was born in a small village in China, so the senior priests and magicians acquired it and tried to find hin..But so did the evils which wanted to control the world.The protectors, the priests and the magicians should help the merchants compass the Silk Road safely and slew demons in order to break a new road which was safe for every people.