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The Cube

Das Online Game The Cube überzeugt mit seinen einfachen aber durchaus anspruchsvollem Spielprinzip. Der 3D Würfel dreht sich in verschiedenen Richtungen. Deine Aufgabe besteht darin, diese Drehungen mit Hilfe der Pfeiltasten nachzuahmen. Wir gut kannst du dich erinnern?

Welcome to 3D world. Rotate with 3D cube and remember as much moves as you can!

How to play?

If you press start, the cube shows you one move. Than it stops and after short time rotates to the base position. Now you have to repeat the move with arrows. Don't try to rotate the cube to the base position, it'll happen automaticly. Now you press start again (or enter) and the cube shows you 2 moves, than it rotates to the back position... you have to remember it and repeat two moves and so on. If you'll remember more than 20 moves you are very good!