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Super Duck Punch!

Kämpfe den Kampf deines Lebens und zeige der Welt deine Kampfkünste in dem Onlinegame Super Duck Punch!. Kämpfe entweder gegen eine riesige ente oder 100 kleine Pferde um den titel des Meisters. Aber Vorsicht die Tiere haben gefährliche Angriffe auf Lager. Spiele mit der Tastatur.

It’s time to beat up some Duck-sized Horses! In Super Duck Punch you take control of an old-timey boxer, thrown into the ring with some of the craziest battles of all time, to the death! Fight 100 duck-sized horses, or maybe a horse-sized duck! 20+ battles to engage, many challenges to explore. Time to beat things up!

How to play?

Arrow Keys to Move Z to Jab X to Punch C to Kick PROTIPS: - Tapping any key twice will allow you to swing combos. - Kicks are really good at getting enemies off the ground. - Tapping left or right twice will get you running. Jabbing while running will give you a shove attack!