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Spheres ist ein recht einfacher 3D Shooter für den PC oder die X-Box. Damit das Spiel auf dem PC läuft benötigt ihr ein funktionierendes XNA dev environment.

A physics based match style game with two modes where you destroy spheres for points.

How to play?

Use the mouse to aim and shoot at spheres within the containment tank. Press p to pause, and m to mute. If you get over 100 points with one shot you get a bonus sphere which can either be a multi-coloured sphere which can be any colour required, or you can get a glowing sphere which sends out forces to destroy all spheres of the same colour. Drop Mode: This is a casual mode where spheres are attracted to the containment tank as the amount drops below a certain number or you destroy a certain number. Time Mode: This is the harder mode where spheres are attracted at a set time period that is slowly decreasing.