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Sky Hounds

Begebe dich in Atemberaubende Luftschlachten in dem Onlinegame Sky Hounds. Zeige wer der König der Lüfte ist mit deinem Raumschiff fliege coole Manöver und schalte deine Gegner einen nach dem anderen aus. Pass aber auf das du nicht zu oft getroffen wirst sonst ist es aus und du musst von vorne beginnen. Spiele mit der Maus.

This is a 2D, horizontal scrolling shoot’em up in the spirit of classic games such as R-type and Gradius. Play as a small, round mech, Dizzy, and his human co-pilot, Charley, in a search to find and rescue their friends after an alien invasion. The Game features five areas all with completely distinct, parallax scrolling backgrounds and each with its own unique, multi-staged boss. It also features over a dozen unique enemies to destroy. This is a dense game, and if it’s not enough, unlock new game plus mode for an even greater challenge. Farm money by playing or replaying levels, and buy a variety of weapons and equipment to ease your struggle. Also buy and deploy “pods” which are small floating entities that attack or provide utility.