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Skills 2 Park

Dein Lamborghini hat ganz schön Power unter der Haube und ist nicht leicht zu bändigen. Versuche ohne Dein Fahrzeug zu beschädigen so schnell wie möglich die zugewiesenen Parkplätze anzufahren. Gesteuert wird im Online Game Skills 2 Park mit den Pfeiltasten.

Use your driving skills and improve them to be able to finish all 18 hard parking spots the game has to offer. Take it slow and use Space to brake the car when you push it too hard. Speed it’s not the way to win this new challenge. Patience and precision it’s key to success. While playing the parking game you have to keep an eye on the life, time and all the obstacles the levels have to offer. Use arrow keys to steer and drive your super-car and tray to park as fast as you can to get a better time and unlock new levels. If you crash your muscle car to much you will lose