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Simpleton Jack

Das Onlinegame Simpleton Jack ist teilweise gar nicht so einfach. Sammle alle Sterne ein und baue dir den Weg zum Ausgang eines jeden Levels zusammen indem du nach und nach auf die Zahlen schießt und mit geklickter Maustaste Kästen ziehst, die dann runter fallen und dir helfen zum Ziel zu gelangen. Gespielt wird mit den Pfeiltasten und der Maus. Viel Spaß!

SIMPLETON JACK SIMPLETON JACK Added: 40 days ago Created by: PatLegoMan Primary Category: Adventure Secondary Categories: Action, Puzzles Content Rating: Everyone Description: I returned from the intergalactic bar after one evening sprinkled well, I acknowledge I had the head in the bag… I would not have to control, the trip computer had prevented me but, I did not react has time... I had forgotten to fill the tank... it was necessary me to find a planet/service as fast as possible! The Earth... the inhabitants are not very co-operative. I showed them my famous magic turn in vain consisting in creating provisional pink matter, they did not want anything to know... Here me is captive on this planet of simpleton people... It will have taken me a few hours to create a provisional pink matter key, it quickly will be necessary to find the exit to set out again of this hostile place. Instructions: Arrows key (or WASD) + Mouse Control Scheme: