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Savety Toasty

Bringe das Toast in dem neuen Onlinegame Save Toasty sicher auf den Boden! Klicke mit deiner Maus auf die einzelnen Elemente um deinem Ziel Stück für Stück näher zu kommen. Achte darauf, dass das Toast nicht ins Wasser fällt oder durch andere Dinge in Gefahr gerät. Gespielt wird mit der Maus. Viel Spaß!

Toasty, the little toast bread, is lost on a very strange island, far away from his parents. He is very frightened, and he wants to escape from that island. He can not escape all by himself, because he needs to destroy lots of blocks in order to reach the exit of the island. The only one who knows how to destroy all the blocks is you. You have a brilliant mind and you can solve this puzzle, save Toasty, and bring him back to his Toast parents. So get ready and think the best strategies in order to succeed. It will not be easy to play this game! Have fun!