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Parking Lot Master

Bediene die Kunden wie ein echter Amerikanischer Parklotse in dem Onlinespiel Parking Lot Master. Nimm die Autos entgegen und Parke sie auf den vom Kunden gew├╝nschten Parkplatz. Bring denWagen wieder vom Parkplatz zum Eingang wenn die Kunden ihn verlangen und du bekommst Trinkgeld.

This is the perfect job: You do what you like best, drive around all day and earn extra money for an awesome vacation job. You remembered that your uncle owns a hotel and he was desperately looking for new valets! If you are a master at parking then the drill is pretty simple! You must move the valet in the parking lot and take the cars from the owners, remember the slots number where to place the car and park it there. This should be easy! But when your realize that all the clients want their car to be taken that very minute and you must handle the car with care, trying not to scratch it, things are not that simple anymore! Easy to say, hard to accomplish! Have a blast becoming a Parking Lot Master!