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panda gun shop

Sei ein echter Waffenverkäufer und führe dein eigenes Geschäft mit Waffen und allem was dazu gehört in dem Onlinegame panda gun shop. Berate Kunden und verkaufe deine Waffen zu überteuerten Preisen an deine Kunden und führe ein Florierendes Geschäft. Spiele mit der Maus.

This is a small bar, shabby little wooden door, very ordinary. but there are often some dealings, here sell what is it? Enter the store, in the secret place see the shopkeeper, originally this is illegal trafficking guns place, because the shopkeeper warm hospitality, price justice. so more ane more people come here to bu guns. all kinds of guns for the guests choose and buy. the shopkeeper was besieged with, so high salary hired an saaistant, that is you. Want to get high salary isn't easy, come here to buy guns customers aviolent temper, if delay time, customers but to wipe gun fire. and there is some jealous store business bad often came to make trouble. how can we let shop safe and a thriving business?

How to play?

The mouse to click to reverse the corresponding goods sole to the guest. get the goods after will give some money. when there isn't within the stipulated time given the guest wants to have the goods. the guest will be against you.