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Old School Bus Race

Der alte Schulbus ist zu spät. Halte Dich ran und hol das Letzte aus ihm heraus und hole den gekennzeichneten Bus ein um Deine Fahrgäste umsteigen zu lassen. Lass Dich nicht aufhalten aber fahr den Bus nicht ganz zu schrott. Gesteuert wird im Online Game Old School Bus Race mit den Pfeiltasten.

Old school bus race is a game that tries to show you what kind of races they would do in the 1950's. All the models are old, including the city scape. Play this wonderful city old school bus race, or other bus racing games and have fun in the fifties! Your bus is a special one, but you must catch the school bully and punish him by bumping other cars into him. So go now and bump that bully in old school bus race! If you like it , then wait for our next bus racing games. Use the arrow keys to move.