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Midtown Limo Parking

Du bist neu in der Stadt und brauchst Geld. Der Job als Limo-Fahrer kommt Dir wie gerufen. Bringe Deinen Boss p√ľnktlich zu seinem Ziel und lass das Auto heile, ansonsten bist Du Deinen Job schnell wieder los. Gesteuert wird im Online Game Midtown Limo Parking mit den Pfeiltasten.

You are new in town and you need to win some money fast. The only job you found is as a limo driver for a rich bussiness man. You have to take your boss to the wanted locations and be sure he's not too late there. Take care not to damage the limo or your boss will be very angry and you'll earn no money. To get to the parking spot use the right corner arrow. Good luck and have fun!