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Mayan Gold

Schappe dir das verfluchte Maya Gold und werde reich in dem Onlinegame Mayan Gold. Aber vorsicht so einfach ist es nicht. Das gold kann nur bewegt werden wenn die Summe der Barren die du auswählst neun ergibt. Sei schnell und geschickt, denn die Zeit bleibt nicht stehen. sammle die Münzen auf für Bonuspunkte. Spiele mit der Maus.

After a long perilous journey you reach the ruins of an ancient Mayan temple. Standing before a great wall you wipe away some leafs and you insert the stone skeleton key in the revealed slot. After a few deep rumbles the doors slide open. Treasure awaits but do you dare to enter? Do you dare to gather as much gold as possible before the temple closes for another 100 years? Only the brave do. Mayan Gold is an exciting puzzle game. Solve the puzzle by clicking the gold bars so together with the extra number they add up to nine. Easy, however time is short and you can't leave all that beautiful gold just laying there on the ground now can you?

How to play?

Use your mouse to play this game.