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Mahjong Treasure

Lichtet den Anker und Leinen los! Begib Dich mit dem Spiel Mahjong Treasure auf Schatzsuche und finde das Gold der Piraten - Mahjong Treasure ist ein Mahjong Puzzle mit einer ausgekl├╝gelten Neuerung. Bilde einfache oder perfekte Paare, wenn Du die Dublonen wegklickst. Klicke Dir deinen eigenen Jackpot-Schatz zusammen, oder ist das alles nur Seemannsgarn?

Mahjong Treasure is a Mahjong puzzler with some subtle innovations. Create perfect or standard matches when you dig through the tiles to reach the treasure. Hexagonal tiles and three levels ensure a challenging and fresh experience.

How to play?

Match the tiles by finding matching pairs before you run out of time. If you match numbers with the same background colour, you will receive a higher score. Clear a level to advance the next, harder level. To be able to remove a tile it has to be free to move. This means that it cannot have another tile that covers any part of it, and it has to have three connected sides free. Tiles that are free to move are of a slightly brighter colour. Use the Shuffle option when you are stuck, but if there were remaining pairs you could have cleared you get a time deduction.