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Parke die Teuren Luxus Wagen in den Parkplücken wie ein Profi in dem Onlinegame LUXURY CAR PARKING. Pass aber auf das du nichts anderes berührst sonst verlierst du Leben und davon hast du nicht viel. Je schneller du bist desto besser. Fahre mit den Pfeiltasten.

Everybody thinks that parking is so boring but what if I told you are about to park one of the greatest car in the world? Be careful, because it's not that easy to handle such powerful cars. Controlling the power of an luxury car gives you shivers but it's challenging. This super cars are huge, they are much bigger than your regular car. Parking cars is not easy, but you can control the car by using your ARROW KEYS, and be smooth, using the SPACEBAR because these beauties tend to go fast and speed is not welcome when it comes to parking. Be super careful with the acceleration and you should keep your eyes open for traffic, trying to avoid all the obstacles. Are you ready for a parking challenge with Luxury Car Parking?