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Icycle ist ein sonderbares Rennspiel. Ein nackter, ziemlich frierender Mann sitzt auf einem winzigen Fahrrad und du sollst ihn nun damit durch die vereisten, ungewöhnlichen Gegenden steuern, bevor er sich etwas abfriert. Dabei soll er natürlich gefährliche Situationen und Hindernisse, wie z.B. Eiszapfen oder Lawinen, dank dir meistern. Überlebt er mit deiner Hilfe bis zum Schluss?

The next ice age has arrived and the world as we know it has peacefully frozen in time, but to one naked survivor it's cold and lonely as hell! Icycle is a contemporary take on a RETRO style bike game which challenges your skill and memory. Trial and error will pave the way but remembering the path might prove harder than you expect. Collect as many bubbles as possible but be prepared for plenty of amusing fatalities along the way. If only dying was this much fun in life!

How to play?

Ride over the icy terrain collecting bubbles while avoiding various hazzards. The push bike can only advance, you can not back pedal so remembering the best route is part of the challenge. You can influence your altitude over thermals with the up and down arrow keys. Highscores are in order of the most bubbles collected, with the least deaths, in the shortest time. Jump is 'Up arrow' OR 'Spacebar'.