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Graveyard Racer

Oh nein der Friedhof wird von Zombies überlaufen in dem Onlinespiel Graveyard Racer. Räume ihn mit deinem Starken Auto frei und überfahre die Zombies. Erreiche das Ziel um das Level zu beenden. Pass aber auf das du nicht auf das Dach fällst sonst ist es vorbei. Fahre mit den Pfeiltasten und benutze den Boost mit der X Taste.

You've been hiding all this time but now it's time for you to come out and show those zombies who is the boss with Graveyard Racer. Use your braaaaaaaains and driving skills to get out of the graveyard before you're overtaken by flesh-eating zombies! Drive your old, rusty truck through the cemetery mowing down ghouls and picking up power-ups, while avoiding headstones, boxes that can cost you power. When you'll see the graveyard gates, you'll know that your freedom is near. Take advantage of your driving skills to escape or you will spend eternity among the undead! Run them over with your car as you try keep the city safe from zombies! Have fun with Graveyard Racer!