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Gear Up

Fahre rasante Geschwindigkeitsrennen im Onlinegame Gear Up. Schalte die Gänge deines Autos zum richtigen Zeitpunkt um nicht an Geschwindigkeit zu verlieren. Schalte einen Gang runter mit der Taste strg,einen Gang hoch mit der Taste shift und steuere dein Auto mit den Pfeiltasten. Doch achtung je mehr du dein Auto steuerst umso mehr Geschwindigkeit verlierst du. Bist du der schnellste? Teste es jetzt.

Lets take this beauty for a spin! You are racing against the bad boys in the neighborhood and you want to prove them that this little beast is ready to pull some steam.At the and of each race,only if you win, you will gain some money so you can invest them in your red fury. Pump your engine, upgrade the gearbox, get a better clutch. These will guarantee you the victory in the next lap. The drill is pretty simple. You press SHIFT for gear up and CTRL for gear down. You will be signaled when to gear up. If you miss one signal, you can consider that race lost. Don't be cheap when it comes to upgrading your car. It won't serve you for nothing to keep those money in the pocket. I can bet that you'll win each race if you change the car, upgrade the engine and pay attention to the gearbox.