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Dkicker Italien Soccer

Du bist ein Fussballfan? Dann bist du in dem neuen Onlinegame Dkicker Italien Soccer genau richtig aufgehoben. Versuche mit deinem Team möglichst viele Bälle in das Tor zu bekommen. Gespielt wird mit der Maus. Per Doppelklick kannst du den Ball richtung Tor schießen. Umso mehr Bälle du ins Tor bekommst, desto höher deine Punktzahl. Also ab auf den Fussballplatz. Viel Spaß!

Select your favourite italian soccer team and become the champion in the Italian Cup. Your role is to help your team to rank better by playing 5-round tournaments in which you will try to win points for your club. To win the match, you need to score certain number of goals, which depends of your team's and your oponnent's team class. It's easier to beat the team of class 5, than one with class 1. Also, it's easier to win if your team has stronger class. For each goal you score, you will get one point if you make two or more contacts with the ball, and two points if you score from the first touch. You can also win bonus points if you make it to the last stage. Each week, one club will become the champion. Also, the best scorer will get the 'Player of the week' title. Instructions: This game is played with mouse only