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Death Call

Du bist das Gesetz und der Richter zugleich, Jedediah Wolfe, eine Legende des Wilden Westens. Du lässt Dir nichts vormachen und schnappst Dir die Ganoven direkt. Für jeden Kriminellen gibt's Bares, welches Du im Shop investieren kannst. Gesteuert wird im Online Game Death Call mit der Maus.

You're the Judge, Jury, and Executioner of the Wild West. Do you have the skill to face down bandits, assassins, and mechanical monstrosities? Play as Jedediah Wolfe, a Federal Marshall on a mission to hunt down and destroy the dangerous weapons smuggler known as Saul Ramone. Blast your way through Saul's personal army of depraved outlaws using your arsenal of weapons and government-issued upgrades, staying one step ahead of your insane foe. Use your wits to decode secret messages and reveal more of the mystery surrounding your mission as you fight towards the final showdown.