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Dark Maze

In den Tiefen des Schlosses ist das Licht verloren gegangen. Nun wurdest du als kleine Sonne ausgeschickt, dieses Licht zu ersetzen. Taste dich in dem Online Game Dark Maze also mit der Maus durch stockfinstere Gänge und finde den Weg zu der orangen Flamme. Per Mausklick kannst du übrigens etwas Licht ins Dunkel bringen.

Dark Maze is a huge mouse maze in which you take control of a ball of light in its quest to light up a castle whose greatest light source recently extinguished. As your goal is to light the castle, the entire maze is set in the dark. You must use your powers of light-bringing to see your way around and ultimately reach the 100th room. You have a maximum of 10 pulses as indicated by the rays around yourself, these are replenished at checkpoints (+1 pulse), bright flames (+all pulses) and green flames (purchase pulses). At the end of each level you gain points, with bonuses for A) not dying, B) beating the level quickly, and C) playing on higher difficulties.