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Claw of a zombie

Verteidige die letzte Lebende Kolonne der Menschen gegen die Zombies in dem Onlinegame Claw of a zombie. Bewaffnet mit einem Truck und einer Kanone machst du dich auf den Weg und erledigst alles was sich bewegt. Erreichen die Zombies das Haus fangen sie es an zu Zerstören bis es zu spät ist. Fahre mit den Pfeiltasten und schieße mit der W+Leertaste.

Zombies have infested the entire planet. You and your wife and kid are stuck in the desert. You have found a simple building where your wife and kid are safe for now. But that building isn't very strong and mainly made out of sand. Don't let the zombies make a hole in the wall. You have mounted a gun on your jeep. Shoot all zombies and push them away from the walls with your jeep. When you shoot zombies you earn points. Points that are necessary to buy upgrades. Without upgrades you will not be able to hold them long. You need to select the right upgrades for you. Some will be more valuable when playing then others. Although this game starts slow and easy it changes very quickly in a extreme fast shooting game if you manage to hold back a few waves of zombies.