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Classic Baccarat

Hast du eine glückliche Hand, wenn es um Karten und Pockern geht? Der Sinn des Online Spiels Classic Baccarat ist ein ganz simples. Derjenige, der mit zwei oder drei Karten näher an der 9 liegt, ist der Sieger. Aber kannst du vorhersehen, wer es sein wird. Biete entweder auf dem Banker oder auf den Spieler oder wird es doch unentschieden verlaufen? Viel Spass beim Pockern.

The first things you see in the game space are: a cigarette, a golden wristwatch and a necktie. All these items belong to a powerful man who often visits this place. As many people of this sort he came to his power not very honestly. During his lifetime he did many awful deeds. In his childhood he tortured animals, being a teenager he was a drug pusher and a head of a gang. When the man became an adult, he started to distribute unlawful arms and to torture people with the aim to enrich at their expense. He had everything he wanted: money and power; but at the end of his life he felt he had no feelings, no love and no man to trust. That time the thoughts about this dreadful life began disturb him so he came to that place to play cards and to divert.