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Cinema Drive In Parking

Parke wie ein Profi in dem Onlinegame Cinema Drive In Parking. Parke dein Auto auf fast unmöglichen Parkplätzen. Doch Achtung das du kein anderes Auto oder einen Gegenstand berührst sonst ist es vorbei und du musst von vorne beginnen. Beweise deine Künste hinter dem Lenker und sei der Beste.

Whoohoooo! The weekend is here! What are you waiting for? Grab already your friends and hurry to the cinema drive-in! There are a few spots left that are perfect so you'd better be in a rush to put your paws on them.'ve arrived too late. Don't get mad! Instead use your driving skills to sneak through really bad parked cars without scratching your vehicle. Also you must avoid bumps and cracks in the road and try to squeeze your car into small parking lots. Prove that you are a pro in Cinema Drive-In Parking!Use the keyboard to control the car, Arrow keys or WASD to move and Space Bar to drift smoothly. Accept the challenge and win only golden prizes. Enough talking! The movie is starting! Have fun with Cinema Drive-In Parking!