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Beach Ball Competition

Spiele Volleyball an einem schönen Strand irgendwo in der Karibik in dem Onlinegame Beach Ball Competition. Steuere deine Figur mit den Pfeiltaste über das Spielfeld. Lasse keinen Ball auf deiner Seite durchkommen und schlage den Ball zurück indem du ihn mit deinem Kopf triffst. Jede Partie geht Fünf Runden.

At the kuta beach, bobby julian was made an competition based on volley ball. so he call Jellyfish to play in this competition, of course by natural calling. lol :D and the Jellyfish really fun by doing this sports, but who the winners?. did you know?. if you want to know, play this game now, cause the winners on your hand, if your playing are good. you can be a winner in this game.