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Army Of Darkness

Horden von Monstern und Zombies bevölkern in dem Flashgame Army Of Darkness die Erde. Schalte sie aus, bevor die Dunkelheit einbricht. Zerstöre alle Bösewichte, um die Menschheit zu retten. In den insgesamt 25 Level werden die Monster versuchen, Deine Verteidigung zu durchbrechen und Dich zu bekämpfen. Kannst Du dem Druck Stand halten?

Army of monsters and zombies filled the earth! There is only one way out: BREAK THEM INTO PIECES from the Air! Do not let the Darkness to get on! Destroy all monsters to save humanity! In the Army of darkness you have under your control the last generation helicopter with the best machine gun. During the 25 levels, monsters will try to break through the defense and penetrate the people. They can keep them but not all of them. Your task is to kill a certain number of monsters at each level. But be careful! And do not miss monsters more then we can keep. Different monsters have different strength. Some of them can be killed with 2 bullets but some of them with 2 missiles.You should take rockets on the land by shooting them.The number of zombies will rise each level that makes more difficult for you to contain their attack. Save the humanity!