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American 8-Ball Pool

Spiele Pool wie ein echter Profi in dem Onlinegame American 8-Ball Pool. Wie nach den Regeln gilt ob du halbe oder volle Einlochst auf die jeweiligen Kugeln musst du dich Konzentrieren. Schlägst du die Leute aus der Community? Teste es und knacke den Highscore.

Play pool against computer players in tournaments to become rank #1. American 8-Ball Pool is on of the best free pool games with computer players. Play Pool Challenges, Time Attacks and Single Matches against your friends to improve your pool skills. Win over 50 trophies for top score, big runs of balls and special shots. This game has excellent physics - with spin control - and simple controls. The computer players are quick thinking and range from easy to very hard - so you'll be able to find the perfect match for you. The tournaments are 8-Ball Pool (with customisable rules in the settings) and Straight Pool against 15 computer players with a ranking system. You have to win both types of cups to become the rank number 1. Enjoy!

How to play?

Aim with the mouse. Hold down the left mouse button and move downwards to set the power. Use the scale that appears on the left to judge the shot strength. Cancel shots by setting the power to zero - as close to the cue ball as possible, Add spin to the cue ball by pressing the ARROWs or WASD keys.