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Alone in the Park

Oh Nein kleine Zombiepilze sind zum Leben erwacht und wollen dir und deinem schönen Park an den Kragen. Verteidige Ihn mit allen mitteln und greife zur Waffe in dem Onlinegame Alone in the Park. Bewege dich schnell und bleibe niemals stehen, sonst erwischen dich die bösen Waldbewohner. werfe mit speeren zur Verteidigung. Spiele mit der Tastatur.

Are you ready to fight hundreds and hundreds of cute but evil mushrooms to get out of the park? Story: After a hard-work day, john the cook closes his restaurant and goes home. But it's very very late, nobody is around in the city, and home is far away, so John decides to pass trought through the abandoned park to make his way shorter. The Park is strangely lighted with a strong blue white light... he enters to look for the reason.. a strange portal stands in the center of the park. It seems to call him next to it... He finds himself pushed into a strange park, with unnatural colors, a starless sky with 2 moons...maybe another dimension? The portal disappears ... and now John is... ...Alone in the Park