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9-Ball Clear-Up (Pool)

Im Online Game 9-Ball Clear-Up (Pool) ist es deine Aufgabe die Billiardkugeln in der richtigen Reihenfolge zu versenken. Und das natürlich in einer möglichst kurzen Zeit. Bewege die Maus auf die weiße Kugel und klicke. Dann ziehe die Maus nach unten. So bestimmst du die Stärke des Stoßes. Wie lange brauchst du um alle Kugeln zu versenken?

9-Ball Clear-Up - simply pot all the billiard balls 1 to 9 as fast as possible. Get bonuses for potting the pool balls in the correct order, for your best break and for accurate potting. Plus win special trophies. This billiards game has a nice physics engine that allows you to add spin to keep good position while clearing up the table.

How to play?

Take shots by aiming the cue by moving the mouse at the balls. Then, hold the left mouse button down and set the power by moving the mouse downwards. Use the power scale that appears on the left to judge the power.