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4th and Goal 2013

werde ein Waschechter Football Spieler in dem Onlinegame 4th and Goal 2013. Bringe dein Team an die Spitze und gehe alle möglichen Angriffs und Verteidigungstaktiken durch. Spiele sie direkt nach und Erlebe es Hautnah. Pass aber auf das der Gegner nicht den Football bekommt. Teamplay ist alles. Spiele mit der Tastatur.

Get ready for some football! Just like the original, 4th and Goal 2013 was developed with input from current players, coaches, and former professional football players. There are no punts! You can intercept the ball, or cause fumbles by making BIG HITS! Play the game that millions have played before, and beat your opponent!

How to play?

Arrows to move. Space bar for spin-moves or Big Hits on Defense. W for speed boost.